Rediscover fun, find joy and put yourself first in this inclusive community of kick-ass women. 

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The PLAY (Please Look After Yourself) Group is a fun online membership for women 50+ to thrive so they can fall back in love with movement and connect with others while improving their health as they age.

"We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” George Bernard Shaw

Why Does "Play" Matter?

We've had a heck of a time globally, with the pandemic driving up the levels of inactivity, isolation and loneliness for people at all ages and stages of life.

What's more, even IF you exercise regularly, over 80% of people sit over eight hours a day and don’t move enough to keep healthy.

Now, more than ever, we need human connection, community and fun.  

There is nothing worse than feeling alone and like you have no one to relate to or confide in. 

As we learn to live in this "new normal", it feels as if people are aching to do fun activities and truly live life to the fullest by putting their health first.

I believe there is nothing better than a community of like-minded women coming together in the pursuit of play, both virtually and in-person, to improve your mood and make you feel less lonely.  

And to rediscover your joy!

Here are just some of the benefits of PLAY for your health:

  • Reduces anxiety and depression because movement increases serotonin, endorphins, and other feel-good hormones with anti-depressive effects.
  • Increases dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical that plays a role in happiness, pleasure, and enjoyment. As we age, we're constantly losing our dopamine stores, which is why we continually need to seek out experiences that release dopamine. The best way to increase your brain's dopamine production? PLAY. Run, lift, jump, roll, swim — and get happy!
  • It boosts your emotional well-being and, therefore, your mood. That alone can help you increase self-confidence and lead to better self-talk.
  • ​It increases your energy. Together with your boosted self-confidence, you can strengthen your social relationships. Meeting others and establishing new friendships with common active living interests is fun! Healthy social ties keep us moving forward with a daily dose of Vitamin C (Connection)!
  • Go beyond "looking good." When you feel good on the inside, you shine on the outside.

Rediscover your joy and join us in The PLAY Group

“It’s a great way to a) get moving, b) join like-minded women who may share similar challenges/realities or not but show kindness and support to each other c) we can all learn from each other d) it feels good

Here's What You Get In The PLAY Group

Monthly PLAY (Please Look After Yourself) Themes

These fun monthly themes will improve your health and bring more joy into your world around exercise (PLAY), nutrition, managing stress and more.

Monthly Team "Lunch 'n Learn"

Monthly Zoom gathering including guest speakers from the health and wellness industries on the theme of the month to boost your know-how around healthy active living.

2x Monthly "PLAY Dates"

Who says PLAY dates are just for kids? We'll hold 2 monthly dates (both in-person and virtual) to build community and fun

Weekly Motivational Messages

Stay inspired with weekly motivational messages from Janet and other experts

Learn New Play Tactics

Learn lots of ways to play for different fitness levels and abilities, so you can play with friends, your grown children, your grandchildren, nieces, nephews, even your pets, with activities that can be fun for everyone!

Private FB Community

A private Facebook group to meet new play partners, set up playdates and share your incredible play experiences to keep you brimming with ideas all year long.

30 Minute 1:1 Kickoff Call

A 30-minute one-on-one kick-off call with Janet to see where you’re stuck with your current fitness, nutrition and stress management habits plus “office hours” once a month to keep you on track.

Support Charitable Initiatives

Fifty dollars from every membership goes towards The PLAY Group’s charitable initiatives to help foster PLAY around the world

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If we haven't met yet, my name is Janet Omstead

I've been a play expert and health coach for over 20 years and, more recently, became an author.

In 2019 I released my book called "The Play Book: How To Get In The Habit Of Good Health."  

More than just writing a book, I wanted to help people reframe exercise as PLAY so that anyone can do it - regardless of confidence, fitness level, or social status. 

Playing is an incredible opportunity to find time to move more often, rediscover joy in life and engage our mind, body, and spirit in the relentless pursuit of happiness, especially when we do it with others.

Why not see the world as a place full of opportunities to chase health and wellness through PLAY rather than sit on the sidelines?

Before I knew it, I had a list of outstanding clients and found myself coaching people from around the world, helping them improve their exercise, nutrition, and sleep habits, all based on the mindset of PLAY. They achieved lasting results they never thought possible.

After the world shut down in March 2020, I watched as the entire fitness industry shifted. 

Client after client had to pivot, postpone, or cancel their in-person experiences. Without gyms, all of a sudden people felt stuck, sad, and lonely.  

Women who had spent years often putting their health on the back burner as they juggle the demands of kids/family, careers, and aging parents still need clarity, coaching, accountability, and connection. 

Finding time to move their body more was the thing that got put to the bottom of the “to-do” list.  

Maybe they’ve lacked self-confidence or feel the burden of failing with their health objectives in the past. I don’t know.

So I went on a journey...

I went on a journey to master the art of digital community building. I launched The PLAY Group Founding Membership in July of 2021 and the response (demand) was overwhelming.

Women want community, a sense of belonging and are looking for someone to show them the way. And they don't need to go to a gym to be healthy and have fun!

I am committed to helping women with their mental and physical health as they age, and I'm not okay that women - especially us aging ones - are suffering.  

I’m on a mission to reignite people’s passion for PLAY so that they can fight chronic disease while improving their quality of life as they age. 

When we reframe exercise as PLAY for our physical and mental wellness, the whole world can become our playground. 

If you aren't a 'fad diet' person,
If you aren't a 'gym' person,
If you aren't a 'traditional workout' person,

Then I'm your person. 

This is the philosophy behind how I teach all my clients and corporate groups. And they LOVE it. But more than that, they get RESULTS. Small habit tweaks + FUN activities that don’t suck to live your best life.

What's possible with this membership...

If you are tired of the same old workouts and using the same old routines that have you stuck in a rut, or feel burnt out and uninspired, then this is a community for you.

A tribe of like-minded women who want to be their best every day. 

It is not okay to survive. It's time to thrive by playing more and meeting others who want to have fun while getting healthier as they age.

So if you love being active, community, connection and want to improve your health all year round, I strongly urge you to join The PLAY Group. 

Here are more reasons to join:
  • Community
  • Rediscovering fun
  • ​Meeting new people
  • ​In-person events (COVID permitted of course)
  • ​Try new things
  • ​Get more active
  • ​More motivation
  • ​More inspiration
  • ​Learn and build successful habits for life
  • ​Take charge or your health first
  • ​Feel good about yourself
  • ​Adventure with like-minded fun women
  • ​Become more consistent
  • ​Get accountability you need to succeed

Check out what these existing members had to say...

“It's totally unique...a whole new way of conceptualizing a vibrant, active & FUN life!”
“I think women need support from other women in as many ways as possible to grow and be healthy.”
“It’s a great community of women with an enthusiastic leader. Most folks would be pleased to have the accountability factor. It's fun learning new ways of thinking/playing.”
“It’s a great way to a) get moving, b) join like-minded women who may share similar challenges/realities or not but show kindness and support to each other c) we can all learn from each other d) it feels good

Here's everything that's included:

Monthly PLAY Themes (exercise, nutrition, managing stress & more)
2x/month PLAY Dates (in-person and virtual)
Monthly Team Lunch 'n Learns & Guest Experts
Weekly Motivational Messages
New PLAY Methods & Tactics
Private Facebook Community
30-minute Kickstarter 1:1 Call with Coach Jan 
Monthly office hours
PLUS Once a year PLAY Escapes (optional)!

Investment: $99/month or $999/year

So, if you are feeling ready to beat loneliness and isolation and want to benefit from a fun, inclusive community of kick-ass 50+ women who are going to play, learn and develop both virtually and in-person over the coming years, get on the waitlist - doors open only twice a year - Space is limited 
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